This is a long book that goes into extreme detail at times. There is a 20th Anniversary addition out, but it doesn't always make clear when the comments are updated.
Overall, the book is a pretty good sorce of information on tne neo-pagan revival in the United States through the 70's. I would recommend it to someone who is interested in this background, especially to someone who is thinking about starting a coven and will have a lot of questions to answer or if you're going to be doing interviews with the media.
This is not a necessary read for newcomers to the craft who are trying to learn the basics, however.
I must admit that I skipped over certain lengthy descriptions of things I wasn't that interested in to begin with. There is also a section where the author publishes a long article by another person who supports drug use to deepen the soul. I didn't particularly care for that part, but it's good to know that there are those types out there.
I did learn some interesting things from this book, but it definately isn't for everyone. I would caution parents not to encourage teens read this book yet. It is definately for a more mature person.

Rainbow Zend