There are many drawing pictures of the all seeing eye but not many actual pictures, so  here are a few for your view.  Many people ask what is the eye and what does it mean.  Well from what i have experniced it is of wisdom and protection from celestial and extraterral  a Gift from the Father the "YHWH"  as you go into the spirit world and call upon the spirits.  It brings them to you quickly but it also watches your deeds good and bad helps in knowldge,understands and healing  just to name a few.   The Eye has orbs all around it which forms alround you  this is the glory of the Father, behide the EYE is a tail.  Some belive that only the MELECH which means king and the blood line of kings can only recive the EYE of the Father or ABBA.   What i belive is if you pray do good deeds mediate do not pray to false gods and deities ask for the glory and love of the most high and if your found to be worthy you will receive.   If you want to see more or more info just ask.